Electric Scooter Safety Gear

Electric Scooter Safety Gear

Electric Scooter Safety Gear: Essential Equipment for Australian Riders

Forget ordinary weekend getaways, it's time to embrace the extraordinary! With e-scooters as your adventure companion, no wonder one could double the fun. But have you considered the safety? Well, safety measures i.e. protective gear for Veloz electric scooters is an important investment you shouldn’t ever skimp on. 

The Importance of Protective Gear When Riding a eScooter

1. Sets a positive image for the eScooter community

Emphasising safety and responsible riding practices helps promote a positive image for the eScooter community. By prioritising safety, riders contribute to creating a culture of respect, awareness, and consideration for all road users.

2. Compliance with legal requirements: 

In many states, wearing specific safety gear, such as helmets, is mandatory for eScooter riders. By adhering to these legal requirements, riders avoid potential fines and legal consequences.

3. Reduces long-term health risks: 

Repeated head injuries or trauma can lead to degenerative neurological diseases. Wearing a helmet consistently helps mitigate the risk of long-term health complications - and ensures the rider's well-being.

4. Increases visibility: 

Safety gear, especially those with reflective elements, enhances the rider's visibility to other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. It helps ensure that others can see the rider, reducing the risk of collisions, especially in low-light conditions.

5. Protects the rider:

Safety gear acts as a barrier between the rider and potential hazards on the road. It helps minimise the impact of collisions, sharp objects, or road debris, reducing the risk of injury.

Most Common Protective Gear for E-Scooter Riders

Head Protective Gear For E-scooters


A helmet is the most essential piece of safety equipment for eScooter riders. It protects your head from potential injuries and should be worn at all times. Opt for a full-face helmet for optimal protection, especially if you value the appearance of your fantastic face.

Goggles or Cycling Sunglasses:

To protect your eyes from air resistance, debris, and insects, wear goggles or cycling sunglasses when riding at high speeds. They also prevent your eyes from tearing up, ensuring clear vision and a distraction-free ride.

Upper Body Protective Gear For E-scooters

Body Armour:

Body armour is highly recommended for vulnerable riders and those who engage in off-roading. Complete sets of body armour offer comprehensive protection, eliminating the need for additional knee or elbow guards. While body armour won't stop a car, it greatly reduces the chances of suffering serious injuries in a crash.

High-Visibility Clothing:

Wearing high-visibility reflective jackets, trousers, and stickers on your eScooter frame ensures that you remain visible to other road users. This is particularly important when riding at night or in low-light conditions, helping drivers immediately recognize your presence and act accordingly.

Lower Body Protective Gear

Knee/Elbow Guards

Knee and elbow guards offer an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of fractures or dislocations in case of a fall. Prioritise protecting your knees, as they are more likely to suffer impact during accidents. Don't compromise on safeguarding your joints to prevent unnecessary breaks or tendon damage.

Wrist and Hand Protective Gear For E-scooter

Wrist Guards/Brace

Wrist guards provide support and protection to your wrists, which are vulnerable to injury during falls. Although they may feel a bit cumbersome, they play a crucial role in preventing broken wrists or tendon damage. Invest in a good pair of wrist guards to ensure maximum protection.


Protecting your hands and palms is important, as they are usually the first to hit the ground during falls. A good pair of gloves, especially when worn over wrist guards, offers maximum protection and prevents injuries.

Additional Safety Measures and Tools for E-Scooter Riders

Lights and Reflectors:

When it comes to navigating your way and being visible to others, front and rear lights, as well as reflectors, serve a crucial purpose, especially during low-light conditions.

Horn or Bell:

Having a horn or bell on your eScooter is crucial for alerting pedestrians, cyclists, or other riders of your presence. It helps to avoid collisions and promotes a safer riding environment.


Consider adding mirrors to your eScooter to enhance your situational awareness. Mirrors allow you to monitor the traffic behind you without turning your head, enabling you to make safer decisions on the road.

GPS Tracking:

Investing in a GPS tracking device for your eScooter adds an extra coating of security. In the unfortunate event of theft, you can easily track and recover your scooter. It provides peace of mind and safeguards your investment.

Mobile Phone Mount:

While it's important to prioritise safety and keep distractions to a minimum, having a mobile phone mount on your eScooter can be helpful for navigation purposes. Make sure to use it responsibly and keep your focus on the road.

Familiarise Yourself with Local Laws:

Ensure you know the local laws and regulations regarding eScooter usage in Australia. Stay up to date with any specific rules or restrictions imposed by your state or territory, including speed limits, where scooters are allowed, and any licensing requirements.

Other Then Protective Gear For E-scooters, Here’s What’s Important: Toolkits &  Ad-Ons

Having a toolkit readily available equips you to handle minor repairs, maintain your eScooter, and stay prepared for unforeseen circumstances


Carrying a multi-tool is essential for on-the-go repairs and adjustments. Choose a compact and lightweight multi-tool that includes common tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and a wrench. It will help you fix loose parts, tighten bolts, or make minor adjustments to your eScooter.

Tyre Repair Kit:

Flat tires can happen unexpectedly, so it's wise to carry a tire repair kit. Include tire levers, patches, and a portable pump in your kit. This allows you to quickly patch up punctured tires and inflate them to get back on the road.

Spare Inner Tube:

In addition to a tire repair kit, carrying a spare inner tube can be a lifesaver in case of a severe tire puncture or damage. Make sure it's compatible with your eScooter's tire size and learn how to replace the inner tube beforehand.

Cable Lock or U-Lock:

Protect your eScooter from theft by carrying a sturdy cable lock or U-lock. It's advisable to secure your scooter to a fixed object when leaving it unattended. Choose a lock that is durable and provides a high level of security.

Portable Battery Charger:

If your eScooter relies on a removable battery, then carrying a portable battery charger might be necessary. Afterall, having sufficient power for longer rides or emergencies is always a plus. 

First Aid Kit:

Misfortunes happen, let’s be honest. But what is crucial is to be prepared. Carry a compact first aid kit containing essential items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, and pain relievers. It's always better to have a first aid kit handy in case of minor injuries.

But here’s the catch - carrying all the necessary safety gear and toolkits while riding a eScooter can be a challenge, but with the right equipment and planning, it is possible to bring everything along comfortably. Here are some suggestions:

Backpack or Bag:

Use a durable backpack with compartments and straps to distribute weight evenly and keep hands free.

Scooter Storage Compartments: Utilise built-in storage compartments for smaller items like the first aid kit and gloves.

Attachable Storage Accessories: Look for bags or pouches designed for eScooters, such as handlebar bags or saddlebags.

Cargo Nets or Bungee Cords: Secure larger items like body armour using cargo nets or bungee cords.

Tool Roll or Pouch: Roll up toolkit items in a compact tool roll or pouch that can be attached to a backpack or stored in a compartment.

Lock Mounting Brackets: Invest in mounting brackets for cable or U-locks, attaching them to the eScooter frame.

Prioritise Essentials: Carry only the most important gear and tools to reduce overall weight.

Remember to maintain a balanced and comfortable riding position while carrying these items.

To Conclude

That being said, keeping safety as a top priority is crucial for all electric scooter riders. By adhering to safe riding practices and staying alert, we can significantly reduce the risk of rider injuries and enjoy our rides to the fullest. So, let's gear up, remain vigilant, and have a blast while riding responsibly on our scooters!


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