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How to Ride an Electric Scooter: 6 Steps Guide for Beginners

Learning how to ride an electric scooter opens up a world of convenience and excitement. This guide will steer you through the basics and beyond if you want to refine your skills. So, tighten your helmet and learn how to ride an electric scooter.

Before Riding E-Scooter

But you start your ride, there are some best practices you should consider doing.

Examine your scooter's condition

Always make sure to check the condition of the parts of your electric scooter before using it. Here is a brief list:

  • Proper tyre pressure
  • Properly working brakes
  • Fully charged battery
  • There are no strange noises.

Learn how to operate your e-scooter.

It is a good idea to become familiar with your electric scooter's various components and controls while you check it out.

  • Know how the controls on the deck operate in particular.
  • What does each button or throttle do?
  • How does the folding mechanism function?
  • How to apply foot brake properly

Ensure you know every feature of your e-scooter so that you know how it operates and where you should exercise caution.

Set up your safety equipment

Last but not least, before using your e-scooter, ensure you wear your safety equipment. The most critical safety gear you may wear is a helmet, which will shield you in the case of a fall or collision.

Riders are urged to wear gloves, knee and elbow pads, and other protective gear for increased security. You should wear a reflective vest or connect lights to your helmet when riding at night to make yourself more visible to other motorists and pedestrians.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter: Step-by-step Guide

Let's have a look at six simple steps on how to ride an electric scooter:

Step 1: Electric Scooter Start

To set on your electric scooter adventure:

  1. Locate the power button or switch typically situated near the handlebars.
  2. Give it a press or flip to activate your ride.
  3. Listen for the reassuring hum of the motor.

It means your scooter is ready to roll.

Step 2: Electric Scooter Speed Control

Gently twist the throttle on the handlebar to set your desired pace. Feel the electric surge as you smoothly accelerate. Start slow if you're a beginner. familiarise yourself with the sensitivity of the throttle to maintain complete control of your ride and scooter.

Step 3: Electric Scooter Brakes

Familiarise yourself with the brake levers on the handlebar as written in electric scooter riding tips - they're your best friends when it's time to slow down or stop altogether. Practice applying the brakes in a controlled environment to feel their responsiveness.

Step 4: Pressure Check

Keep your ride smooth and efficient by regularly checking the E-scooter tyre pressure. Refer to the E-scooter riding guide for the recommended pressure range and invest in a reliable gauge. Properly inflated tyres improve performance and enhance stability during your ride.

Step 5: Maintaining Balance

Maintaining balance is the cornerstone of electric scooter safety tips. Keep your weight centred over the scooter. Relax your grip on the handlebars and maintain a steady posture. Look ahead to anticipate any potential obstacles.

Step 6: Look Ahead

Some beginners tend to look at the handles while riding, but that’s not good practice. Your eyes should always be on the road ahead to see where you are going, keeping you and others safe.

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What to do after riding an electric scooter?

Following a trip on your electric scooter, you should perform the following essential steps to maintain it:

Fold and carry, if necessary

If your electric scooter has a folding feature, use it to save space or to make transporting it into public areas easier.

Protect Your Scooter

If you cannot bring your electric scooter inside, protect it against theft using a high-quality lock, such as a bicycle or e-scooter lock.

Keep Your Scooter Clean

While cleaning your scooter after each ride is unnecessary, it might help keep it looking nice. You should wash it once or twice a month for a more thorough cleaning, depending on how dirty it is. Be careful not to get water on the electrical components.

Properly Store It

Ensure it is clean and dry before storing your electric scooter in a suitable location, such as a box, shed, garage, or cabinet. Electric scooters that fold up are small and may fit in small areas. Select a clean and dust-free spot to prevent debris from entering delicate scooter parts. Storing your scooter in excessive heat or cold can affect its battery's performance.

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Tips To Ride E-Scooters

Let us look closer at these priceless pointers that will serve as your compass for safe and exciting rides before you zoom through the city streets or glide along picturesque paths.

Protect Your Precious Self

Your safety cannot be bargained with. Always put on your helmet like, also go for knee and elbow pads. The first step is ensuring you are safe.

Know Your E-Scooter

Find out as much as possible about your steadfast steed before you mount. Understand the power you have at your fingertips, become familiar with the controls.

Pre-Ride Checks for Reliability

Pre-ride inspections should be made, just like a pilot would before takeoff. Check if your scooter's brakes are operational, the lights are bright, and the tyres are firm and fit.

Find Your Balance

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and stand tall and self-assured. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

While serving as your playground, the world also holds many surprises. Watch for potential hazards and the road before you.


In an e-scooter, proper charging is crucial. Always use the charger the manufacturer provides and follow the recommended charging times.

Start by understanding the electric scooter start and speed controls. Practice in a safe, open area before hitting the road.

Familiarise yourself with the electric scooter start and speed controls. Practise gentle acceleration and braking. Wear a helmet and obey electric scooter road rules.

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