Collection: OFF Road Electric Scooters

Rev up your excitement with VELOZ, the ultimate destination for electrifying e-scooters that are as green as they are mean! Born and bred in Australia, we're here to show you the future of sustainable transportation while adding a pinch of style and a dash of innovation. Welcome! Our fleet of sleek rides will have you turning heads as you zip through city streets, beachfront promenades, and hidden trails. Join the VELOZ movement and let's conquer the roads together!

Key Features Of Veloz Off-Road Electric Scooters

VELOZ offers a range of off-road electric scooters with impressive features. From powerful motors to long-lasting batteries, we'll explore what makes these scooters stand out from the rest.

Veloz E-scooters Product Lineup

Discover VELOZ's impressive lineup of off-road electric scooters, including the Veloz S10, Veloz V1, Veloz V2, VELOZ X1, Veloz G3, Veloz Master, Veloz X10 PRO, Veloz X2, Veloz GT Pro, and Veloz GT Pro Runner. Each model is designed to cater to different rider preferences and terrains because we believe that what matters the most is you.

Performance and Durability

VELOZ scooters are built to handle challenging off-road terrains with ease. Whether it's about top speeds, range, or motor power, these Veloz off-road electric scooters are made to fulfil your inner adventurous soul.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for VELOZ. We'll explore the safety features integrated into these scooters, such as braking systems, lights, and suspension, to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride. Veloz off-road electric scooters are born to accomplish what you have been dreaming of for a long time…

Veloz Electric Scooter Accessories

Enhance your off-road experience with VELOZ's range of accessories. From portable batteries to protective gear, we have options available to make your adventures even better.

Veloz Off-Road E-Scooters Warranty

At VELOZ, we stand by the quality and reliability of our electric scooters. Our warranty policy is designed to ensure your peace of mind while enjoying your off-road adventures. Here's what you need to know:

What Is Covered

Our warranty covers manufacturing faults for motors, boards, batteries, and frames. We'll repair or replace covered faults to keep you riding trouble-free.

What Is Not Covered

Warranty doesn't apply if it's expired, or if maintenance isn't done. Tampering with serial labels or product alterations voids the warranty. Wear-and-tear, misuse, or water damage is not covered. Overloading or commercial use has a limited warranty. Remember, our goal is your peace of mind. Contact us for warranty inquiries.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Here's a quick checklist to help you keep your all-terrain e-scooter in optimal condition.

Battery Maintenance

Charging Habits: Charge regularly, especially after long rides. Avoid complete draining for longer battery life. Storage: For extended periods, store with a partially charged battery (50-80%). Clean Connections: Periodically clean terminals and connectors for a secure connection.

Tyre Care

Inflation: Maintain recommended tyre pressure for stability. Tread Inspection: Regularly check for wear and tear. Cleaning: After off-road rides, clean tyres for better grip.

Routine Checks

Brake Inspection: Ensure proper function and replace worn brake pads. Suspension Lubrication: Lubricate suspension components as per the manual. Lights and Signals: Test regularly and replace malfunctioning bulbs or LEDs. Fasteners Tightening: Periodically inspect and tighten all critical components for stability and safety. VELOZ off-road electric scooters are your ticket to thrilling adventures in the great outdoors. With their powerful performance, durable build, and eco-friendly design, these scooters are changing the game for off-road enthusiasts. Join the VELOZ revolution and experience the ride of a lifetime. Don't miss out on the chance to explore new horizons with VELOZ. Check out our website, browse our impressive lineup, and take the first step towards electrifying off-road adventures. Get ready to conquer the off-road world with VELOZ – where sustainability meets adrenaline!

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