dragon gtr v2 and veloz x10 pro side by side

Dragon GTR V2 vs Veloz X10 Pro - Comparison

Speaking of favourites, the Dragon GTR V2 and the Veloz X10 Pro are two of the hottest models on the market at the moment. These beasts are seriously powerful, wicked fast, and built to last, but they do have their fair share of differences. We're gonna break down these two awesome rides, exploring their features, specs, good parts, and not-so-good parts. 

Fact: Both scooters can reach speeds of more than 50 km/h  - that speed is only legal if you're off-road. On city streets, these scooters slow down to 25 km/h.




Dragon GTR V2

Veloz X10 Pro


Dual 2400-watt motor

Dual 2000-watt motor (2400-watt) peak power


20.8 AH Lithium

  18 AH


23 AH LG


Upto 60 km

18AH: 45-75 km

23AH: Upto 85 km 


Restricted Speed     -  25km/hr 

Unrestricted Speed  -  50km/hr

70 km/h (private use only)


Disc brakes+ electric

Disc brakes front and rear


Front: Quad shocks

Rear: Dual shocks

Front: Dual coil suspension
Rear: Hydraulic spring DNM 

Frame Material

Aviation grade alloy

High-quality aerospace aluminium


26 kg

29 kg


LED front and rear lights

Ultra-bright full LED side lights


10 Inches

10 Inches


dragon gtr v2 escooter

Price: $1,999.00
Sale: $1,699.00



Owner Review

Harper B.

"Got myself the Dragon GTR V2  Dual Motor electric scooter a couple of months ago, and I'm dead chuffed with it. Speedy little thing that can tackle almost any terrain, and the ride's pretty smooth too.”

2- VELOZ X10 Pro

veloz x10 pro - black and red colour

Price: $2,099.00


Owner Review

Client Review for VELOZ X10 Pro

Noah W.

“I’ve had enough of rentals. Always wanted to buy my own escooter and oh Jeez I chose veloz. Overall, I believe the Veloz X10 Pro is a great scooter with loads of cool stuff packed in. It's super fast and gives a smooth ride. Except for being a bit heavy, it's honestly one of the best scooters I've ever tried.”

Final Thoughts

Dragon GTR has less range and speed but its cheaper and a more known brand while Veloz comes with better range, speed and overall more specs and features but pricier than GTR.

So, which scooter is the best for you? The Dragon GTR V2 or the Veloz X10 Pro? Well, it all comes down to what you need and what you're okay with giving up. These scooters are both top quality and, packed with cool stuff. But they've got their quirks, so one might suit you better than the other


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