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Fastest Electric Scooters in Australia(2024)

Enters a new chapter of two-wheeled rebellion—Australia's electric scooter scene. It's a world where the road still calls, but the soundtrack has taken a sharp turn from thunderous growls to a subtle electric hum -  at a speed faster than a lightning bolt on a caffeine high.

Today, we've got the inside scoop on the top 5 fastest electric scooters. Speed runs in the DNA of our Australian blood! And why not maintain that history? It's time to keep the wheels turning, faster and quieter than ever before! 

Because Walking is Too Mainstream. 



Veloz G5 E-scooter Top Speed: 120 km/hr
Dualtron Storm Limited E-scooter Top Speed: 115 km/hr
Veloz G4 Electric Scooter Top Speed: 110 km/hr
VSETT 11+ Super 72 Electric Scooter Top Speed: 100 km/hr
Zero 11X Electric Scooter Top Speed: 95 km/hr

1. Veloz G5

 veloz g5

Price:$5,350.00 AUD

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Top Speed: 120 km/hr


  • Weight: 57kg
  • Max Loading: 200kg
  • Suspension: Front and Rear hydraulic damping suspensions (Adjustable 6 Gears)
  • Top Speed: 120 km/hr (Unrestricted)
  • Max Distance: 160 KM / 240 KM Single, 80KM / 120KM Dual Motor
  • Motor Power: 2500W (Base), 5000W (Peak)
  • Battery: 40 AH Lithium Samsung C21700
  • Charge Time: 8 hrs-10 hrs
  • Voltage: 72V
  • Drive: Dual Motor
  • Wheels: 13-inch inflatable tubeless all-terrain
  • Frame: Aviation-grade Alloy


Delivering an impressive 5000W of peak power, the Veloz G5 stands out as Australia's most powerful off-road electric scooter, effortlessly handling diverse terrains. Built for rugged landscapes, it's not just a scooter – it's a high-performance vehicle ready to tackle steep inclines and rough terrains.

Offering riders a customizable experience with adjustable gears and advanced hydraulic suspensions, the G5 ensures optimal comfort. While it falls in a higher price range and weighs 57 kg, it's a top choice for power enthusiasts seeking precision on off-road adventures.

Boasting dual motors, massive off-road tires, and responsive braking, the Veloz G5 is the go-to scooter for those who love pushing limits. If you're an adventure seeker in search of a reliable companion for off-road thrills, the Veloz G5 is worth considering.


2. Dualtron Storm Limited

Dualtron Storm Limited fastest electric scooter in australia

Price:$7,253 AUD


Top Speed: 115 km/hr



  • Battery: 84V 45AH
  • Weight: 50.5KG
  • Tyres: 12″
  • Motor: 11500W DUAL
  • Max. Speed: 115 KM/H
  • Max. Range: 200KM
  • Max. Load: 150KG
  • Hill Climb: 30°



Introducing the Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter—a heavyweight with a purpose. Tackling terrains is a breeze with its 11500W dual motor, reaching speeds of 115 km/h*. The robust 84V 45AH battery commands an extensive 200km range, perfect for the long-haul adventurer. Crafted for stability, its 12-inch tyres handle a steep 30° incline, ensuring a smooth ascent on every path. While the investment is substantial, the Storm Limited promises not just a ride but an exhilarating journey, defying limits and embracing the joy of the open road.

*Note: Maximum speed is variable based on conditions.


3. Veloz G4

veloz g4 fast electric scooter in australia

Price:$3,990 AUD


Top Speed: 110 km/hr



  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Max Loading: 180 kg
  • Suspension: Front - Quad shocks, Rear - Dual shocks
  • Brakes: Disc brakes + Electric Hydraulic
  • Restricted Speed: 25 km/hr
  • Max Distance: 120 to 180 km (Dual), 180 to 220 km (Single)
  • Unrestricted Speed:110 km/hr
  • Max Torque: 100 NM
  • Base Motor Power: 1800W
  • Peak Motor Power: 4200W
  • Battery: 35 AH Lithium
  • Charge Time: 8-10 hrs
  • Voltage: 60V
  • Wheels: 12-inch inflatable tubeless all-terrain
  • Frame: Aviation-grade Alloy


The Veloz G4 electric scooter is a powerhouse for off-road adventures, featuring dual motors with a peak of 4200W, capable of speeds up to 110 km/hr. Although it weighs 55 kg, its strength and robust suspension ensure a smooth and secure ride. With a range of up to 220 km and essential safety features, the G4 excels in power, durability, and range, marking it as a solid choice for thrilling, off-road journeys.


4. VSETT 11+ Super 72

Vsett 11+ Super fast electric scooter in white background

Price:$6,599 AUD


Top Speed: 100 km/hr



  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Battery: 72V 35AH Li-ion
  • Max Range: Up to 150 kilometres
  • Suspension: Front - Rear Hydraulic Suspension
  • Water Resistance: IP54
  • Unrestricted Speed:100 km/hr
  • Charging Time: 1 hour (Fast Charging)
  • Tyre Size: 11*4 inch pneumatic
  • LED lights + Double LED headlights and taillights + Brake lights + Turn signal
  • NFC Key Lock Immobiliser
  • Hydraulic NUTT Braking System
  • Display: Multi-Function (ODO, Battery, Speed, Trip, Cruise Control, etc.)
  • Throttle: Trigger
  • Frame: 6061-T6 Aluminium



The VSETT 11+ Super 72 sets a new standard in electric scooters with its dual 2000W motors and a 72V 35AH battery, delivering high speeds and a max range of 150 km. It features a sport mode for bursts of speed, balanced with a robust hydraulic braking system for safety. Priced at a premium, it's a powerhouse offering extensive range and superior performance. Enhanced with comprehensive lighting and an IP54 water-resistant rating, the Super 72 guarantees a safe and adaptable ride in any condition.


5. Zero 11x

zero 11x electric scooter in white background

Price:$5,290 AUD


Top Speed: 95 km/hr



  • Weight: 54kg
  • Battery: 72V 32Ah (LG cells), 72V 26Ah (China cells)
  • Max Loading: 120kg
  • Max Range: 80-110 km (eco mode) for 26Ah; 120-160 km (eco mode) for 32Ah
  • Suspension: Front and Spring/hydraulic suspension
  • Top Speed: 95km/h
  • Motor Power: 72V 1600W x 2
  • Tyres: Front and rear 11 x 3-inch pneumatic tyres


The Zero 11X is a top-tier electric scooter with dual 1600W motors, offering a 25 km/h street-legal speed and an impressive 100 km/h off-road. Its 3200W power ensures peak performance, while Nutt hydraulic brakes guarantee safe stopping. Despite its $5,290.00 price tag and 54 kg weight, its twin steering pole and ergonomic handlebar provide comfort and control. Limited stock makes it a sought-after model for those prioritizing speed and advanced features for an exhilarating ride.



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