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Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike 2024 Review

Veloz Discovery Pro has a Bafang motor, which has 750W of power, can accelerate rapidly and climb hills with ease. The 100 km range, powered by a 48V, 15Ah LG battery, allows you to go further. Shimano 8-speed gears and strong hydraulic brakes will let you confidently navigate a variety of surfaces. Enjoy miles upon miles of comfort due to the ergonomic design and adjustable suspension fork. Integrated lights and fenders enhance safety and practicality, while the aluminum alloy frame delivers lightweight durability. The available 27.5" or 29" tires, rack, and LCD display round out this feature-rich e-bike. Ride the future with the Veloz Discovery Pro.



750W Peak Bafang Rear Hub Motor 5 Levels of Pedal Assist Throttle Control 100km Range (62 miles) on Pedal Assist 45-55km Range (28-34 miles) on Pure Electric 4-6 Hour Charging Time Adjustable Suspension Fork Ergonomic Design Hydraulic Disc Brakes CST 27.5×2.4 or 29×2.4 Tires Shimano 8-Speed Drivetrain Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame Front and Rear Fenders and Rack



5 Reasons to Buy

The Discovery Pro packs a punch for its price. If budget tops your list, this e-bike delivers bang for your buck.
Good Off Roader:
The Discovery Pro handles a variety of terrain with ease. Its adjustable suspension and sturdy frame embrace your wanderlust.
Enjoy long rides without aches and pains, making the Discovery Pro your trusty companion on scenic excursions.
Run errands, commute in style, and ditch the car without compromising convenience.
Tech Savvy:
The LCD display keeps you informed, monitoring speed, battery level, and trip mileage. Embrace data-driven riding and optimize your journeys.



When we asked electric bike enthusiasts about the reliable and stylish choices in the market, we received positive responses regarding the Veloz Discovery Pro 2024. Its abundance of features, flexible performance, and reasonable $2,199.00 price point make it a compelling choice for anyone searching for an amazing electric bike experience. Six months of free service is a wonderful touch and a clear sign of the company's continued commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. This level of support enhances the entire shopping experience, making the Veloz Discovery Pro an even more appealing choice for people searching for a top-notch e-bike and a business that prioritizes the requirements of its customers.



Veloz AMG

Price: $2,690 AUD

Veloz EO Discovery

Price: $1,990 AUD

NCM Moscow Plus

Price: $2,399 AUD




The Discovery Pro stands out for its value, blending a strong Bafang motor and extended range at a fair price. It's a top choice for those seeking power and versatility without breaking the bank. While there are specialized e-bikes for specific terrains, consider your unique needs and budget. A test ride can help you gauge if the Discovery Pro matches your riding style. Weigh its pros and cons against what matters most to you. The ideal e-bike is about your personal connection with the ride. Choose the one that sparks joy and ignites your passion for the journey.



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