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Electric Scooter Laws in NSW (2024)

Electric scooters have advanced significantly in technology. Their increasing popularity raises the question of how many of their users are aware of the regulations about their use.

To ride an electric scooter safely and lawfully in NSW, one must have a thorough understanding of the regulations governing them. And today, from shared schemes to private property restrictions, we’ve got all the facts you need to stay in the know and on the go. Let's break down the electric scooter laws NSW to ensure smooth, legal, and thrilling rides!

Are Personal Electric Scooters Legal in NSW?

As of 2024, it's illegal to ride an electric scooter in most public spaces in NSW. This includes roads, footpaths, bike lanes, and shared paths. The only exception is on private property with the owner's permission.

Shared Electric Scooters - A New Avenue

From July 2022, NSW began trials of electric scooter shared schemes. In these trial locations, you can only use shared e-scooters hired through an approved e-scooter provider in trial areas.

It’s important for everyone, whether riding, driving, or walking, to look out for each other during these trials. The trials are being evaluated and monitored.

Consequences for not following E-Scooter Laws

If you do not obey these e-scooter laws, you may face legal consequences. For example, if you ride an e-scooter on the street or somewhere similar, you may face a fine because it is equivalent to driving an unregistered, uninsured, and unlicensed car. Also, you could be penalised if you use a rented electric scooter from a sharing programme and ride it outside the trial area.

E-scooter offences that may apply:




Riding on a road with a speed limit over 50 km/h


Riding on footpaths


Riding an e-scooter rented through a share scheme outside the trial zone


Riding an e-scooter if you’re younger than 16 years old


Going faster than the max speed limit of 20km/h


Using a mobile phone while riding


Not wearing a helmet


Riding at night without appropriate reflector and lights


The Future of Electric Scooters in NSW

Many countries across the world have made electric scooters legal. They have been regarded as an inexpensive and efficient mode of transportation. In New Zealand, they have adopted a method that enables practically any battery-powered vehicle to be ridden, as long as it meets the description of a low-powered vehicle.

However, the future of electric scooters in NSW is uncertain. If the trials are successful they will probably be made legal in NSW. However, until this occurs riding an electric scooter anywhere other than private property in NSW places you are at risk of being charged.


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